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Provide quality software and services for various types and sizes of entities at affordable market rates.

Skill Set

  • Programming Languages : Java, Scala, C++, SMALLTALK, Perl, Python, PHP, JavaScript, UNIX Shell Scripts (sh, ksh, csh, tcsh, bash), UML, HTML (DHTML, CCS), XML, XSL, Delphi, C, SQL.
  • OS : UNIX(Linux(slackware, RedHat, Debian), FreeBSD, HP-UX, Solaris, SunOS, Digital Unix), WINDOWS(XP and Server 2003), Mac OSX.
  • Software : GWT (Google Web Toolkit), Google Maps, Hibernate, Rational Rose Real-Time, Apache with SSL Web Server, LAMP, Tomcat, Sun JDK 1.3, GlobalSight (Ambassador, System3), Interwoven (TeamSite, Templating, Open Deploy, Data Deploy, etc), Rational ClearCase, Vignette, Active, WebMethods, BroadVision One-to-One Enterprise, BEA WebLogic Server, LDAP, Oracle, SQL Server, various CORBA implementations.
  • Languages : Translators and interpreters. Fluency in English (UK, USA, NZ, and International), French, German, Spanish (Spain and various South American dialects), and Italian.
  • Additional Skills : Group Management, System Design, Technical Writing, Publishing, L10N (localization), I18N (internationalization), Customer Presentations and Education.

Members and their Curriculum Vitae (CV) / Resume

Member Links

The members of the GriffMonster Computer Consulting Consortium come from a wide range of backgrounds.
The members link is a list of some our members and links to their individual CVs / resumes / websites.


To engage the services of GriffMonster Computer Consulting Consortium and its associated members contact Griff. Information will be gather and an assessment of your requirements will be identified. Appropriate resources will then be allocated to your project. The members of the consortium have a wide range of requirements on projects so feel free to contact us for short to long term projects that may be located in various locations. A number of the members are open to working from their home offices and in the Boulder, CO, USA, NY Metro, and Paris France areas.

GriffMonster Public Domain Software

Adam J. Griff, Ph.D., computer2@griffmonster. com, +1(303)731-5140